Negril All Day Beach, Island Picnic, Snorkeling & Ricks Cafe

 At Booty Beach you will be greeted with a rum punch and given a chance to enjoy the beach and water until lunch is served. For those interested in nude bathing you can do so on the opposite side of the tiny Island. Your lunch will consist of Grilled Lobster and sides, more rum punch and non-alcoholic beverages. At 3:00 pm you and your party will again board the boat and head back to Woodstock Beach, Bar and Grill where you'll get to use restroom before getting back on the bus. Your final stop is Rick's Cafe Bar and Grill on the Cliffs, one of Jamaica’s hot spots. Have a few more drink, order an appetizer, dance to the hot mixes provided by the resident DJ and later the resident reggae band. Jump off the different cliffs ranging from 6 feet to 35 feet high and enjoy the water. Later on experience a breath taking sunset before heading back to your hotel.


Tour Price:  US $380 (1-2 persons) $500 (3 - 4 persons); each additional person US $125

There are no entrance fees for the beach and Rick's Café

Snorkeling Gear is included.

Optional excursions such as parasailing and beach massage not included.

 What to Bring? Camera, swimsuit, towels, suntan lotion.


9:00am:     Depart Hotel                              

10:20am:   Arrive at Negril Beach 

11:00am:   Board boat for Snorkeling Trip

12:15pm:   Land on Booty Island

3:00pm:     Head back to main beach (Woodstock or Margaritaville)

3:45pm      Depart for Rick's Cafe

6:45pm     Head back to Hotel/Airbnb

Tour prices may vary depending on quest location.